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STEM tutoring in Vancouver Tri-cities 

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About G Future

Hi!!! My name is Mahan, and I am the founder of G Future. 

I like playing ping pong, working out, and going to house parties on the weekend to clear my mind off from the UNI STRESS.

As a pre-med, I also highly value my grades. I have not received a grade below an A (let's just forget Eng 114 exists) since grade 11!!!

How do I maintain such high grade in second year of university, while still having a life and not selling my soul to studying???

My friends say it's because I moved to Canada from Iran in grade 8, so I've been taught HOW TO STUDY.

So why not teach this? What if I started sharing my study tips with others? 

So BOOM.... I made G Future :)))

Basically, we are a bunch of Undergraduate students who have outstanding grades, teaching experience, a book in hand, and a dream. We aren't a big organization, but we are thankful for every student. If we make one person happy by improving their grade, we've done our job right.

We try to help by providing engaging and diagram-filled study guides, practice exams, and in-person STEM subject tutoring,

Go book your first session right now!!!

Unless you don't want a report card so good your mom flexes it on the whole family tree.


Subjects ( regular, AP, & IB)

Giovanna, Coquitlam

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Dallas, Port Coquitlam

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Mena, Portmoody

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